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Double Brick Sectional Garage Door

Double Brick Garage Door
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Double Brick Sectional Garage Door

Treatment of Wooden Garage doors

Sectional meranti wooden garage doors are very popular because of their unique look and security. They do require regular maintenance to ensure that they not only look good, but that the wood is protected from the elements and doesn’t rot, warp or crack. Wood is a living material which expands, contracts, absorbs and dries out, depending on the conditions it is exposed to. For this reason, it is important to apply the proper treatment to meranti sectional garage doors, a treatment that allows this expansion and contraction to occur without damaging the exterior appearance.

How to maintain a sectional meranti garage door

After installation, doors must be treated within 2 weeks to make sure that the wood is protected. There after we recommend that doors must be treated every 6 months. Doors which are exposed to direct sunlight for long periods should be treated more regularly.To maintain your guarantee: We recommend using a solvent-base deep-penetrating sealer (Timberlife ultra seal) that does not go hard once dried and protects against water and UV. This will allow for the wood to expand and contract as needed. It is very important that the sealer will penetrate into the wood and protect your garage door from inside out. The oil which is absorbed into the wood, essentially quenching the wood’s thirst and therefor leaving little room for the absorption of water. It is well-known that oil repels water which means that your door is protected against wet weather.


We strongly advise against varnishing any Wooden Sectional Garage Doors. Varnish is a surface treatment which hardens once dried and does not allow for the expanding and contracting characteristics of wood. This results in cracking of the varnish, leaving the untreated sub-surface exposed to the elements like water and UV which will void your guarantee.

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